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mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

How to initialize a new battery

New smartphone arriving? Do you know how to correctly initialize your Li-ion battery? Don't worry, just follow this simple guide.
First of all, it's not true that your new battery needs to completely discharge and then it must be charged for 10÷16 hours. These two steps are the worst ones you can do.
According to batteryuniversity.com, "each chemistry has its own requirements", but "there are common denominators". As you can read at batteryuniversity.com FAQ on How to Charge and When to Charge, it's advises to apply a full charge before use the battery.  

So, don't boot your device with your new battery! Battery is not ready to work yet.
However, we don't know if manufacturer used the battery of your new device and, in order to avoid any percentage problem, I think your battery need this initialization.

  1. Charge your phone off for 2h more than normal (if you don't know how much time it needs, you can start timing 2h from fully charging message - usually 5 hours are ok).
  2. It's recommended to remove battery for half an hour, then to start charging again for few minutes (if it's not possible to remove battery, simply unplug your charger).
  3. Now you can turn on your smartphone without unplugging charger; just wait for system loading and then you have to use your device until it turns off.
  4. Plug immediately your charger and let it go until the full charge battery message; turn on the smartphone and unplug charger when Android is running.
  5. Use your phone until its battery level is under 10%, keep charging your device (it's better if you turns it off) for normal time again.
Now we have completed 3 charging battery cycles and I think your battery is correctly initialized.
WARNING! In order to continue to take care of your battery, you should also follow these tips for better battery life.

Thanks to Morrigan91. VERSIONE ITALIANA

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